Prints and Pixel Size for Your Image

The following information is to help you determine if your image will print in the size you would like.

  • When you Click any of the “UPLOAD IMAGE” buttons you will be taken to our site where you can upload your image.

  • Once you upload your image there will be a list of sizes your image will print on.

  • If your upload brings up a notice “your image is of too low quality…” and you either do not have a better image or you do not have the knowledge of how to fix your image, try our UPLOAD TO FIX JPG tool.

  • You must create an account to use the “UPLOAD TO FIX JPG” tool so we may contact you with fixes to be made to your image along with the cost.


Find Pixel Size of Your Image

Pixels needed below are suggested for best image quality.

*We have found that slightly fewer pixels can print great as well.

4x4 image.png
instructional image.png

Part 1

On a desktop navigate to the location of your picture. Once you have found your image; “Right Click” on it. A box will pop up like above and you will want to “Left Click” on “Properties” (Circled in Red above).

part 2

Once you have Properties opened click on “Details” this is where the pixel width and Height will be located.


Cell Phone Instructions: Search online for instruction on finding the pixel size of images on your phone. (or just upload the image and see if it works!)

Retailers and Wholesale Accounts

If you are a retailer or are looking to find out more about setting up a wholesale account please click on the “contact us” link, fill out your contact information and we will get in contact with you shortly after.

*Please be sure to add your company name and company address along with company phone number.